24 Hour Meetings


Meeting Listed here run continuously, some for 24 hours  a day. Log in to one of these  meetings anytime you feel the need!


Please report any problems with the links, or suggestions for new meetings to  links@247aaonlinenew.org.


AA Home Group


AA Home Group has open International AA meetings available 24/7 to help those who suffer from alcoholism and have a desire stop drinking. The purpose of this group is to focus and function solely on the AA 12 steps and 12 traditions. All meetings are based on the Big Book, 12 x 12, AA  literature and AA speakers who share their experience, strength and hope. AA Home Group has an online AA platform which plans on being sustainable throughout the future.

Meeting Link:



24hr Marathon Meeting


We have been running for just under 3 months and have gone worldwide with great success and wish to be officially registered please, our intentions are to continue for as long as God wills it, we average 40/50 people in the room at a time, from all over the globe.

We run 24/7. No password required. And have a fantastic team of Trusted Servants keeping the Primary Purpose At Heart. Zoom in, Call in, Pop in anytime day/night.

Zoom ID: 292 371 2604

Meeting Link: